A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Use your unique water-powered spaceship to rocket through the obstacle courses. Defeat enemies quickly and race the clock for an S rank!


  • LEFT/RIGHT/DOWN: Directional movement
  • UP: Forward movement (uses water)
  • LEFT SHIFT: Dive (collects water)
  • LEFT CTRL: Blast up (uses water)
  • SPACE: Shoot gun


hydroplane-0.1.2-linux.zip 30 MB
hydroplane-0.1.2-win.zip 19 MB
hydroplane-0.1.2-win-pyinstaller.zip 21 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run game.bin (Linux) or game.exe (Windows)

The win version is built with a Python distribution tool called Nuitka which compiles Python code to C. Unfortunately, some users are reporting the game is mistakenly flagged and removed by their antivirus software, if that happens for you, try using the win-pyinstaller version, which is built with a different distribution tool (PyInstaller) and might not trigger the false positive.

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